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What Colour I Should Paint My Home?


White and other neutral colours are superb for creating beautiful backdrops in any room. They help to enhance natural light and space, making rooms feel both lighter and airier. The use of muted earthy tones also makes a room incredibly versatile. You can add splashes of colour and change the feel of a room using only soft furnishings and room accessories.

Throughout the day, neutral colours can change subtly with the daylight; think of the cool afternoon sun compared to a warm sunset. But there is a common misconception that neutral colours are only used to achieve a modern look but consider urban or Scandinavian decor. It does not matter whether you’re looking for cool contemporary or remote rustic, because neutral colours are crisp, chic and classic.

If you are somebody who is looking to sell their current home or somebody who loves to keep up with the latest interior design trends then neutral colours would be perfect for you. Although, if you have little ones with sticky fingers or mucky pups, then we would suggest steering clear from sparkling whites …

Our luxury, art deco New House apartments in Boughton, Cheshire use a neutral colour palette. The fresh white walls bring out the rich colours of the beautiful hardwood floors, whilst the sky blue and coffee coloured soft furnishings accentuate the luxurious feel of the entire open plan space.

Luxurious open plan living at New House in Chester using neutral colours


There are endless possibilities for using the colour blue. If you are looking for calm coastal or brilliant bold, there are multiple shades that will help you to achieve the feeling that you are looking for.

Warm shades of blue can help to make a space feel lively, cosy and inviting, whereas cool blues emphasise space and invoke a feeling of cleanliness. This is why icy blues are so popular in kitchen and bathroom areas and of course, royal blue exudes luxury so it looks fabulous as a feature wall in your living space or bedroom.  

Our interior designers used multiple shades of blue inside our stunning Heritage Court apartments in Chester. The playful electric blue accented lighting highlights the designer fixtures in the bespoke open-plan kitchen and the gorgeous blue accessories continue the theme throughout the space.

Nautical. Contemporary. Seaside. French Classic. All interior design trends look fabulous with blue!

Modern kitchen in Heritage Court's luxury Chester apartments using electric blue colours


Orange. You either love it or you hate it. A lot of people are intimidated by orange because it is a strong and vibrant colour but when used correctly, it can add just the right amount of life to a room. Its warmth brings a smile to your face and fills a room with energy.

If you want to play it safe, use neutral colours on your walls and accessorise with orange but if you are brave go for an orange wall, pairing it with rustic browns, terra cotta red and misty greys.

Orange is perfect for social areas like the living room, dining room or kitchen. Its fresh and modern look is great for a quick pick-me up. Don’t use it in a bedroom though, it will over stimulate you when you try to sleep.

We have used shades of orange in this luxurious Heritage Court apartment. The bright orange cushions bring life to the room and work beautifully with the rich hardwood floors but contrast perfectly with the soft greys and duck egg blue furnishings.

Luxury open plan living in Heritage Court Chester using warm orange colours


Green is a welcoming colour. It’s warm, fresh, bright and helps to bring the outside in for 12 months a year, even in the dark and dull British winters. There are infinite ways you could use green in your home.

Dark greens create a stunning masculine and industrial feel which, paired with rustic wooden furniture, is a match made in heaven. Alternatively, pretty pistachio pastles and mint green works wonders for sprucing up a country farmhouse kitchen or tired looking bedroom.

Our interior designers used lime green accessories to add a splash of colour to our luxury student apartments in Chester City Centre. It complements the rich tones of the walls and furnishings and our luxury chrome appliance reflect the green back into the room for a contemporary but warm feeling.

Natural green colours in our luxury student properties in Roodee House Chester


Pink is a colour for little girls’ bedrooms right? Wrong.

Pink isn’t just pretty. It is romantic. It is retro. It is luxurious. It is delicate. The key is using it tastefully. Try painting your walls in a very pale shade of pink to add some warmth to a room and then add charcoal accessories and bold geometric patterns. Experiment with other shades such as peach, rose or blush.

Our interior designers recommend using pink in living rooms or bedrooms. They used a vibrant magenta in our luxury Lingdale apartments in West Kirby, Wirral to evoke playful memories of the seaside because these homes are just a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Luxurious pink living room in The Lingdale luxury apartments in West Kirby

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