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Selling your land

Blueoak Estates are experienced land developers. We work in partnership with landowners and sellers to develop a bespoke product that will deliver the best return on your investment.

Bridgewater House apartment scheme Timperley

We consider all types of land

Blueoak Estates considers all types of land: urban, rural, brownfield and greenfield. We are also experienced in the restoration and refurbishment of buildings for commercial and residential reuse, including listed buildings. Our experienced team has the detailed knowledge needed to progress complicated sites and to navigate the increasingly complicated planning system.

Exceeding sustainability standards

We are well-versed in dealing with all issues affecting development opportunities such as highways, trees, drainage, SUDS, ecology and protected species. We also know our way around enhanced building requirements such as the Code for Sustainable Homes and can deal with land that has been subject to flooding and contamination.

The Sail, West Kirby apartments

Over 80 years’ experience

As a team, we will negotiate on Section 106 Agreements to deliver sensible planning gain and deal with negotiating over affordable housing and enhancing or preserving the need for public open space. We can also engage the local community, keeping them informed and reassured through public consultations.

Get in touch

Finally, our experienced land representatives will negotiate flexible deal structures to maximise vendors assets. We can progress acquisitions as either a straight purchase, deferred purchase, profit share or joint venture. We are always interested to hear from landowners and will consider most land options.

Charlotte House new build home Chester city centre
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