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4 Economic Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly At Home

Global warming is a common news topic these days. We have all seen the horrible photographs of skinny polar bears standing on tiny patches of ice. However, there are some small steps that we can take to go green and reduce the size of our carbon footprints without breaking the bank.

Sustainability and green-construction is very important to Blueoak Estates. We strive to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through clever design and construction. Our bespoke properties are built not only to meet but to exceed the Government’s code for sustainable homes.

This is why we want to help you save money but more importantly save the planet!

Here are four quick and economical ways you can become more eco-friendly in your home.

Don’t heat an empty house

If everybody in your household is out all day, then turn the heating off. Most thermostats have a timer function. Set it to turn on 30 minutes before you get home so you can still come back to a lovely warm house and then set it to turn off 30 minutes before you go to bed. You will be warm and cosy under your duvet.

Another tip: only heat the rooms that are being used. If only one person is home, then only one room needs heating. Turn off your radiators in the other rooms.

The NHS and Government advice is that our homes should be at least 18°C and our living rooms can be slightly warmer at 21°C. This is a comfortable ‘jumper and jeans’ kind of temperature but you could always wrap up in a blanket and fill a hot water bottle if you are still feeling chilly.

A blanket on a bed with a window in the background.

Turn things off

Did you know that leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth wastes 6 litres per minute?

Seven in ten of us admit to leaving our electrical items on standby, making us the worst energy-wasters in Europe!

Leaving our electrical devices on is not just bad for the environment, it is also bad for our bank balances.

The Energy Savings Trust estimates that, in the average home, £80 is wasted annually from leaving our belongings on standby. As a nation, this figure is 227 million pounds.

Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to be more eco-friendly.

Here are six to get you started.

  1. Turn your TV off at the mains.
  2. Turn lights off when you leave a room.
  3. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth.
  4. Stop charging your phone throughout the night.
  5. Only charge your laptop when it needs charging
  6. Only fill the kettle with as much water as you are going to use.
A tap has been left running in a kitchen

Swap your lightbulbs

Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs are a great energy-saving alternative to traditional light bulbs but they are also guaranteed to save you money, approximately £35 a year in fact.

They can also last up for up to ten years which saves you a job!

In most homes, lighting accounts for up to 20% of our electricity bills but installing CFL bills could help you reduce your overall bill.

However, the most energy-efficient lighting is daylight so keep your curtains open throughout the day and don’t switch lights on unless you need them.

Three light bulbs have been left on

Start a compost bin

Composting is an environmentally-friendly way to manage household waste and care for your garden.

Instead of throwing everything into your green bin which will head off to a landfill, start dropping your organic waste into a compost bin where natural bacteria and microorganisms will break it down and turn it into fertiliser.

You could even use this fertiliser to start growing your own fruit and vegetables. Home-grown fruit and veg is more nutritious because fewer pesticides are used. Gardening is also a fantastic way to increase physical activity.

You can buy a compost bin from just £5 at any store that sells outdoor items, including Tesco and Homebase. Alternatively, head to Amazon and have it delivered right to your front door.

What can I put in my compost bin?

  • Teabags
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Dead plants
  • Clean paper
  • Hair and fur
  • Leftover food
A man's hand holding a variety of vegetables

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